Tasked with creating an entire brand with complete control over audience and type of business you want to run. I chose to do a clothing company / art shop. Along with creating a brand we had to develop a functioning website using Brackets. The main purpose of this project was to design a website wireframe. Within this page contains the process that went behind the company known as PONCHOZ, from early sketches to finalized webpages. It has the client presentation book and a finalized presentation booklet. I plan on linking the website once it is published for the public. One of the largest obstacles of this project was coding my own website from scratch. It was a very valuable class and I learned a lot about web design. I really enjoy how my website came out and the theme was something I had a lot of fun working with. Other than the common frustrations that comes with coding, I went through a lot of character sketches to represent the face of the company and various iteration of the handwritten typeface to capture the feeling of Ponchoz. 
Final Client Book
Process of PONCHOZ
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