The product box

This is the final design for the bottle. I chose to use a flask and convert it into a spray bottle using photoshop to create a unique fragrance bottle. Altos has two different types of tequila, the Reposada which is a gold tequila and Plata which is a silver tequila. 

This is the brand logo for the fragrance line of Altos. A blue agave plant as that is the type of plant they incorporate into their tequila and the idea was playing on that the fragrances also contain blue agave for scent. 

These are the first few iterations of the project. At first the two were fragrances were separated into men and women fragrances. In the end I decided to scrap this with the idea of preventing the idea of purchase due to one being for men and women. By neutralizing the concept of genderizing it also expands the market value of the product as it will be accessible for everyone between the two products instead of feeling limited due to gender. 
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